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Looking Forward…

I’m very excited about the opportunity to have a small exhibition of my work at  The Art in Action Gallery at Waterperry Gardens this autumn. As I work quite slowly, this is quite an undertaking for me, making and gathering together work for this show which will begin in November and run through into the New Year. Somehow though, I find that I can usually rise to a deadline and although I am slightly terrified, I’m also eager to meet this challenge and looking forward to creating a body of new work for this show. I get asked frequently “Where can I buy your work?”. I don’t purposely make it difficult but there is only one of me and each piece is time consuming and carefully crafted. This means that pieces are often spoken for before they ever get anywhere near my website. So, this show will be the perfect opportunity to see a body of work which will all be for sale. There is no particular theme to the exhibition which means I can really go where the inspiration takes me.  


  1. catherine raney says

    This is beautiful!
    Where do you sell your work that I can see to purchase? anywhere online?
    I know you get this question a lot…
    For obvious reasons!

    • Rachel Wright says

      Hi Catherine, Thank you for your lovely comment. Im afraid I don’t really sell original pieces on line at the moment. You can check out where my exhibitions are in the diary page of the website.

  2. Barbara Davies says

    Hello Rachel.
    Your work is stunning. Could you tell me please – do you paint the background before stitching or applique fabrics down , perhaps.

    • Rachel Wright says

      Hi Barbara, thanks for your lovely comment. I don’t ever use paint on the background, the entire piece is made from just fabric and stitch. so you were right about stitching down fabrics to form a background… that’s exactly what I do.

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