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The joy of little red dots

Ok…so I know what you are thinking…’she’s gone completely mad’.
Well, you could be right but little red dots are a joyous thing believe me! When you are an artist, there is a great buzz of excitement to be had when a little red dot appears on your work at an exhibition or show.

This weekend was one such time for me. It was Longwick Artshow, a local primary school event run by a parent and fellow artist, where artists from all over the local area are invited to submit work and sell it with a percentage of the profits going to the school.

It’s a show I’ve taken part in for about the last five years and having missed the private view on Friday night I was keen to get along there on Saturday to see the show for myself.

To my delight I arrived to discover that all 4 of the embroideries I had submitted had little red dots adorning them. It’s such a great feeling to sell work at any time but it was particularly satisfying to sell everything!

To know that people are parting with their hard earned cash to buy something I’ve made makes me very happy.

A good friend of mine is always telling me that I need to remember all the years of training and experience I have done when I decide on prices for my work. She tells me that every hour at college, every sketchbook page, every discarded piece which didn’t quite make the grade…all of that has helped to make me the artist I am today and it is time and experience that just cannot be calculated when pricing work. She is right of course but until I become super famous and can charge whatever I like for my work I’ll happily settle for the thrill of the little red dots.



  1. Sheila Hazell says

    Well done, Rachel you are brilliant, does this mean someone is listening to me????

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