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The Year Ahead

2020 is less than a month old and already the year is stretching ahead of me, filling rapidly with deadlines, commission work, exhibition opportunities etc. Not that I’m complaining you understand. I’d be lost without the motivation those things provide but sometimes it is a bit scary to see your year filling up and I find myself wondering quite how I will manage to find inspiration for piece, after piece, after piece. Yet somehow, inspiration comes (although sometimes a little slower than I would like!).

I am looking forward to participating in some of my regular shows like the annual Bucks Art Weeks exhibition at Obsidian Art during June as well as some new ventures. I am really pleased and proud to have been asked to be the featured artist at this years Wooburn festival in early October. This is a great opportunity for me and it will be fantastic to be able to showcase my work to a new audience.

I am still thrilled to be part of the Buckinghamshire Craft Guild and still regularly demonstrate at the guild. If you haven’t visited yet it is a lovely gallery space filled with high quality, beautiful work by over 30 local Buckinghamshire based artists. This year we plan to have some special exhibitions as well as our regular display of work.

More details about all these things to come. Keep checking back if you’re interested to know more.

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