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T-weet to whoo?


So this is the embroidery I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks. It’s not particularly big but the detail involved has meant it has been slow going at times. The faces of the owls were particularly tricky. I always think facial expressions and especially eyes are vital to the birds looking right and being convincingly real.

I love Barn owls. They’re a subject matter I’ve tackled before and no doubt I will again. They’re so elegant, statesmanlike, beautiful and graceful.

This piece was inspired by a photo on twitter (hence the awful blog title…sorry!) I never thought I was the kind if person to enjoy social media. In fact I still haven’t been tempted by Facebook (am I the last?) However twitter has sucked me in and I have found there, a community of artists, creatives and people who simply just enjoy art. I find that I get a buzz from sharing my progress as I work, through twitter and that the response is warm, encouraging and supportive.

Unexpectedly I’ve come to the conclusion that I would really miss my twitter community and that I’m actually very lucky to have them.

It was a great delight to me to be told by a National trust Ranger on twitter that I she really loved my barn owls embroidery and since she works closely with them, I felt particularly encouraged by her comment. It’s interactions such as this that I find really valuable. As an artist working at home alone most of the time it is helpful to have an audience to share and discuss with and I’m am honoured to be asked my opinion of other people’s work too.

This piece began with twitter and now it is finished, I’ve been seeking help with a title for it from my twitter friends too. So it also ends with twitter and the chosen title ‘Do you see what I see?’


  1. I’ve only been following you on twitter for a short while, but what pops up on my news feed from you really makes me smile. Your work is absolutely stunning and it’s obvious from the detail in it that you put a great amount of effort in. It’s a real pleasure to see such beautiful works of art on twitter — it reminds me that there are so many lovely things in the world when we’re constantly reminded of the bad things. Keep up your fantastic work, I’ll certainly be awaiting your next piece!

    • Rachel Wright says

      Thank you Jade. Your lovely comments are very much appreciated. I really do appreciate the great community that we are both a part of on twitter.

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